Day 151 – Joanna Burns Photo Shoot Take 2

Lucia Holm is the sh*t when it comes to taking hella amazing photos!

This afternoon I spent the day in the scorching hot sun to witness, yet another, Joanna Burns photo shoot. I helped make the layout to her album artwork and neither of us were happy with the photos. She wanted the photos to match the music that is inside of the CD packaging. Her album artwork has been the trouble child of her album (i.e. typos, lack of vision, photos that didn’t fit the the sound of her music, etc).

She contacted Lucia Holm (who has taken photos of a bunch of major label artists) and luckily she was available take photos. This past Sunday there was an indoor shoot and today was the outdoor shoot. This was the most professional, legit, and well put together photo shoot I have ever experienced. Lucia sees the potential of a photo in her mind and makes it happen. She understands lighting like whoa! I can’t wait for everyone to see these photos. They look amazing in her tiny camera screen…I can’t imagine what they will look once she uses her magic on them.

p.s. I got my first burn of the season. It nice tank top burn. I debated whether or not the should be photo of the day. Hehe.

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