Insanity Day 3

Today was Day 3 of Insanity. I actually made it through the whole workout. I will openly admit I paused it a few times mostly because I wanted to get the most out each exercise. The program is so tough. It makes me realize how old my body is compared to my mind. Haha! My right shoulder makes this weird clicking noise when I do push-ups, I get terrible heartburn and my knees crack every time I do a lunge. Haha! I do feel like a million bucks afterwards. I am taking a photo everyday of myself in a bikini so at the end of the 2 months of working out I can see the results via animation. The program suggests that you measure your waist and whatnot, but I feel like that is too excessive for my taste. Results are in how my jeans fit, how much energy I have, and how good I feel.

I’ve been eating a bit better as well. I hope to improve this over the next week as well.


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