Day 136 – You Complete Me

Hi! I'm Amanda's iPhone...I'm gonna rock her world.

For those of you who don’t know…I am in LOVE with Apple products. I’ve been drooling over the iPhone since it first came out. It took me a while because I’m a Verizon gal. For the past year I’ve been using the LG enV Touch who’s touch screen hasn’t worked for 2 months. It’s a pretty sad excuse for a phone.

Today was the day I took the plunge. I know the iPhone 5 is coming out in the fall, but I couldn’t wait that long. I went with the new trendy white iPhone…I know you’re jealous! Hahaha! I’m not the biggest phone person. So, don’t worry this won’t be a permanent attachement to my hand/ear. I promise to not become a wiener with no personality. Nuff said!


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3 Responses to “Day 136 – You Complete Me”

  1. Navi Sandhu Photography Says:

    haha, I’m a total Apple fan as well, love my iPhone and the MacBook Pro…
    50 facebook notification, damn

  2. Navi Sandhu Photography Says:

    oh and congrats on your new phone 🙂

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