Day 117 – Human Garbage Disposal

If you want to be a human garbage disposal just eat chocolate and jelly beans all day.

You guys..I’ve been a pig the past few months and this past week has seriously been the worst. I really am a human garbage disposal. The months leading up to the Joanna Burns album release party have been insane. I’ve been helping to plan this shindig since forever ago and in turn I have eaten enough crap-o-la to sink a ship.

This time last year I was in the best shape of my life. I had taken a lot of time to educate myself on how to eat right and I was exercising like crazy. I never felt better. So, I decided that on May 2nd I am going to restart the Shaun T “Insanity” program and go on a vegetarian diet. I plan on trying to document this process so I can inspire other people educate themselves and maybe live a bit healthier. Wish me luck!


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