Day 108 – Co-writing Cookiness

Hi, I'm Mike...and Amanda says I'm awesome. You should probably listen to her.

This Wednesday I am performing at A Night in Progress (hosted by Rick Barry). Basically, Rick challenges fellow artists to write a set of new material (aka songs) and perform them in front of a quite attentive audience. The last time Rick challenged me to do this was over 2 years ago. That  night I performed “Please, Baby Baby”, “Under My Feet”, “Fare Thee Well”, and “Fall into You”. You can thank Rick for all those classic Amanda Duncan hits. Sadly, I haven’t finished a song since then…so I begged to be on this show. I’ve had bits and pieces of songs that I really need to complete and show the world.

I’m approaching this night as a songwriter. I do have a few songs for me, but a will have a few that are written for other people to perform. I hear other people’s voices in my head..hence not finishing any songs for myself. I have a song for Neon Trees..haha. I even wrote an R&B song from a guy perspective that I will be performing with a backing track. Gonna be a hoot.

In this photo is my bassist (playing guitar). He helped me finish a song tonight and get a chorus down for another song. I probably would have gone crossed-eyed without his help tonight.


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