Day 102 – Prom Queen Crown

Royalty of course.

Ah, yes, my high school claim to fame. I was prom queen. Let me just say I was not Miss Popular back then. I was a pretty dorky gal who was just going along her merry way. I still can’t believe I actually won…it felt like a movie only I didn’t have to go through some kind of crazy transformation, become a jerk in the meantime, then realize the error of my ways, become a nice person again and win over the mean girl of the school. Hahahaha!

Hopefully, this photo doesn’t come off as me being arrogant. I think what this photo proves is that if you are nice to everyone along the way the universe pays you back in ways you would never imagine. This crown is kinda cheesy, but I don’t know if I have it in me to ever throw it out.


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