Things I Want to Learn

I feel the need to write a blog that isn’t based on my Project 365. This past few days it has occurred to me how much I STILL love to learn. I’ve taught myself graphic design over the years via video tutorials. I go through phases of wanting to learn new things…and right now I’m trying to learn how to customize wordpress themes so can make websites for peeps so they can do their own updates. I’ve been watching video tutorials the past few days and now I’m obsessed and can’t stop watching these videos!!! Haha! It just surprises me how excited I to learn new things. I feel like I’ve written a blog like this before…but I am going to list all the things I want to learn. Just to put it out there into the universe. In no particular order:

1. Customize wordpress themes (as stated above)
2. After Effects (I basically want to make horrible special effects for fun)
3. How to mix songs (this is audio engineering geek tawk)
4. Learn piano
5. Actually learn how to play guitar (not the fake way I do now)
6. Final Cut Pro (I kind of know how to edit video in this, but I want to get better)
7. Get better at banjo
8. Get better at mandolin
9. Dabble with da bass guitar
10. Photoshop
11. Illustrator
12. Make magazines for iPads
13. How to make horrible synth-like pop songs (for other people)
14. Use my darn sewing machine
15. Learn a bit about photography lighting
16. Learn the basics of screen writing
17. How to create more hours in a day to learn all these things

I’m sure I have a bunch more that I could list, but this is all I could think of right now. Thanks for reading.

=O) Amanda


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