Day 35 – The Two Man Gentlemen Band

Hi, we're The Two Man Gentlemen Band..and Amanda says we kick patootie.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to this dynamic old-timey soundin’ duo…The Two Man Gentlemen Band. Starring Andy Bean on tenor guitar and banjo and The Councilman on upright bass. My friend Illona told me about these guys and I’ve been hooked ever since. Last year I had an opportunity to go into NYC and be a part of their live album recording of “LIve in New York”…that was my first time seeing them and I’m a loyal fan. I have all of their albums and I try to see them when my hectic schedule allows.
I really look up to these guys. I think their songs are so clever and their musicianship really is nothing like I’ve seen in any other duo. And the shtick….good god…the shtick is beyond amazing. My banter has nothing on what they do. Not to mention they are genuinely nice people….quite literally gentlemen. Haha! I was lucky enough to play a show with them in Ohio last year..what a blast! Do yourself a favor and do a youtube search of these guys. Check out their website: to see if they are playing in a city near you.


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