Day 31 – Bringing Health on the Road

Hello there! You pour us in water and we alkalize your body.

Going on the road makes it tough to eat healthy. When I order a salad it will usually consist of iceberg lettuce and carrot shavings. Booo! In order to get my greens and fruits I bring along these little packets of mega-health goodness. The Macro Greens is basically liquid lettuce and the Miracle Reds have every single berry known to man in it. You pour these powdery stuff into water or juice, mix it in, and drink it up!
I have to make sure I’m healthy on the road because getting sick = not being able to perform. And I’m not one to disappoint! Haha!
So, these supplements hold me over during times when I can’t juice of my vegetables and fruits….also it helps balance out how many cupcakes I eat.


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