Day 15 – Gaga for Grapefruit

Today I took a trip to Wegmans with my mom. Wegmans is always a fun trip because it is the Disney World of food. I love going there just to feast with my eyes.

My mom pointed out these gigantic grapefruits from afar. I put a quarter on top of one of them to give you perspective on how big they actually were. They were practically the size of my head!!! Haha! It was awesome and I’m so glad I had my camera to capture this ridiculous moment.

I don’t enjoy grapefruit really. It’s a bit bitter for me or something along those lines. I wish I did like them though because they seem like such a fun time to eat. Every time I see a grapefruit I always think of the stories my mom used to tell me when she was a kid and her brother would be eating a grapefruit and would use a spoon to push down on the grapefruit in order to squirt it into her eye. Hahahaha! Thanks for reading.

Hi! I’m a grapefruit that is the size of your freakin’ head!

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