Day 14 – A Puppy & Some Pocky

Hi, I'm Taylor and I'm a flippin' awesome dog. And hi, I'm Pocky and I am the best tasting breadstick you will ever have.

Tonight I spent my evening with some great friends of mine. Kelly and Andy. Kelly and I went to high school together, but we didn’t start to become friends until our senior year. We kept in touch throughout college (which is a pretty amazing feat because we didn’t have cell phones and IM like there is now…crazy to think about, huh?) Kelly and Andy got married years ago and moved a little over an hour away. We were just talking tonight about how when they were in my area we used to go have sundaes at Friendly’s all the time. Haha!

For the past 10 months Kelly and Andy were sent to Australia because of Andy’s job…and they had the time of their lives. You can read about it by going to Kelly’s blog: They stayed in Brisbane…which is now completely flooded. So, needless to say, they are upset because they are back in the states and can’t help any of their friends. If you feel obligated you can donate a few dollars by clicking this link:

We went out for some sushi and afterwards we felt inspired to go to a nearby asain market because I told them about taro ice cream and how I’ve never tasted anything like it. The store we went to didn’t have any, BUT they had Pocky…which I love. Pocky are these tiny little breadsticks dipped in chocolate. Mmmmm….so good! Hence the picture of the Pocky with their dog, Taylor, in the background.

You know those friends that you always connect with no matter how long you haven’t spoken to them? Kelly and Andy are always a good time, down to earth, and I always feel great after a night of hanging out with them. Thanks Kelly and Andy for a great night!


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