Day 13 – Dan Romer Mixing

Hi, I'm Dan Romer and I mix like a son of a gun!

Today was just a great day over all. Joanna Burns‘ and I headed out to Brooklyn for a mixing session with Dan Romer. In case you don’t know who Dan is…he is an amazing producer, engineer, instrumentalist, and songwriter. Feel free to do your own google search on him.

Joanna has been working on this album on and off for a little over 2 years. Two of the tracks were produced by Dan and Joanna produced the other 10. (Not sure if all 12 songs will make the album though). I love Dan’s mixes and his attitude about mixing. I think because he is an artist himself and he knows what he wants from a mixing engineer. He has a great way of explaining things thoughtfully and with tact. He is a pleasure to work with because he wants you to be happy with the product he is giving you (which is rare these days). He also gave Joanna and I tips on recording gear…which I’m sure is going to help our production company (please N thank U Productions).

I can’t wait for everyone to hear this album. Every song is really special…they still sound great to me after all this time. Well, until next time…take care!


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