Day 11 – Kangaroos in the Snow

Man, I love Kangaroo sneakers. I have 6 pairs, but I just want them in every color combination possible. Well, that might be over the top, but you know what I mean. I really want to work towards getting some kind of endorsement with the company. I’ve been saying that for years…I should probably try to actually do something about that.

(Random subject change…but it’s part of the story) I had a taco night with some good friends of mine tonight…so much fun! But upon leaving I realized that I should have taken a photo of a million things between the time I got there and left. We played Kinect…holy cow that video game system is soooo cool! You should see me and my dance moves. Ok, back on track. Snow is always so pretty…I’m not the biggest fan of it due to how much it can mess up plans, but I digress. So, I figured this photos would suffice. I hope you like it!

Hi! I'm a pair of awesome Kangaroo should buy some and be cool like A.D.


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