Day 10 – I Love My Band

Ode to my band! The story of my band isn’t too too crazy, but I want to tell it anyway.

I had been playing solo acoustic shows for years and then I thought to myself “I wanna have some kind of rhythm with me on stage.” I turned to my friend Dave O’brien. He had been playing in a band called “Lunch Money Criminals” with his two brothers. I won’t get into how much I loved this band…I’ll just leave it as…man, I freakin’ loved that band. Moving on. He responded with “Yes, I will play with you.” From that point on I tried to include him in as many shows as I could. It was just the two of us strutting our stuff for a while. Every now and then Joanna Burns would make an appearance with her keyboard and a harmony. Dave’s and Joanna’s voices had a great blend right off the bat. So it was natural to add Joanna to the mix.

A year or two went by and I was presented with an opportunity to play a benefit show for a girl in my home town who had cancer. I wanted to help in any way that I could. And I wanted to make sure that my music came off like a musical punch in the face…so I decided it would be a good idea to put together a full band. I asked Charlie Pranio to play guitar. I went to high school with Charlie and I remembered how good he was back then. At the time, he hadn’t played with a band in a really long time, but he was nice enough to give me a chance. The bassist role was filled in last minute by April Smith’s bassist Stevens (aka Steve Purpuri).

We played the show and we were really well received. It was probably one of the best shows we’ve played still to this day.

Fast forward another year later. I was having trouble filling in the bassist slot in my band. I kept running into a lot of flaky undependable players. But luck was about to strike me with a wonderful person and bassist. I was supposed to play a show and yet another bassist flaked out on me just a few days before the show. I knew that this local guy, Mike Basmagy, played bass…so I got his number from and friend and agreed to hop on for the show. He learned the songs really quickly and was able to play the show without a problem. After that show he expressed to me that he would love to continue playing in my band. Crazytown! A bassist I don’t have to hunt down! Unheard of!

The rest is history….or should I say the future. I don’t get a chance to play nearly as many full band shows that I would like to. So, I savor the moments with my friends/band members. Thanks for reading all this…and expect some youtube videos that involve my members in 2011. Later!

Hi! We're Amanda Duncan's band...and we totally rule.

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