Day 7 – 2010 Hella Cool Christmas Tree

Today’s photo is a bit cheesy. My mom and I are most likely taking down the tree tomorrow or Sunday. It’s always kind of a bummer. Mostly cause it’s a pain. Haha! I decorate the tree with my mom every year. We usually blast Christmas music and hang the ornaments with smiles on our faces. It’s one of the things I look forward to the most during the holidays. The tree this year that my parents picked out was pretty full….and by full I mean it took up most of their living room. Which is kind of nice because normally we have to stuff all of the ornaments on a small tree, but this had plenty of room. My dad usually doesn’t partake in this event because he can’t handle how many ornaments we try to pack on. He only comes in the room when it comes time to hang one of the ornaments that he still has from when he was a kid.

So, farewell 2010 Christmas tree. My mom joked about shellacking you in order to save you for next year…::sigh::…if only it were possible. Haha!

Hello! I'm the best Christmas tree you've ever seen.


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