Oh North Dakota…you’re so silly

I hope everyone had a great labor day. Yesterday my day consisted of driving through Minnesota and North Dakota. I discovered a few things while driving in the rain in areas where there is only flat land:

1. Clouds are much creepier for some reason when you can see them for miles and miles. They almost look like waves of moisture-like death. Which also makes it much cooler than normal New Jersey clouds.
2. The speed limit is 75mph. I never thought I would be the wimp on the road driving less than the speed limit. Don’t judge me, it was raining!
3. Grocery shopping at Walmart can include me also getting socks or a leaf blower. AWESOME!

Well, I’m off to Dickinson State University today…which excitingly enough is on Mountain Time!!! Hehe! But before that I think I might have to check out this Buffalo Museum here in Jamestown, ND: http://www.buffalomuseum.com/Home.php I’ll let you know how it goes. Haha!

=O) Amanda

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