My week and in a nutshell

Hello my friends! So, today was my first day off since Tuesday. I had 6 shows in 4 days…so needless to say my voice is thanking me. My voice can be pretty sensitive so I have to be really careful with how I treat…especially now with having all these shows. My shows have been going well…or at least I would like think so. The students at all the colleges have been really wonderful and I feel like I have been making fans with each show.

Today I actually got to see a friendly familiar face of another friend who also tour the college circuit….Austin Renfroe. He had a former stage name he went under, but I won’t get into that…he is using is REAL name from now on and that makes me happy. He is working on some cool stuff right now and had contacted me to get together and do some song writing. He is from Nashville, but the stars aligned and it so happened that we were able to get together in St. Paul, MN. We found a nice grassy knoll and put together a structure of a song…I think is going to be a pretty piece of musical art. Haha! Then we played some mini golf and at some cotton candy at Como Park. It was an unexpected bonus to the day. Haha!

Then I ate at a really cool seafood place called Sea Salt Eatery. It was in this beautiful park. The line was seriously long and I waited forever to get my Po Boy…haha! I ended up sitting with an older couple and talking about what I was doing and what they did (they are retired now). It was a great end to a great day. Now I’m in my favorite hotel in Minneapolis and I’m enjoying a lovely king sized bed to myself.

Well, that is enough out of me for now. I’m pretty tired and I have a decently long drive tomorrow. Thanks so much for reading.

=O) Amanda


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