The Gay Blades “O Shot” cover by The A.D.

Recently I received a friend request on Facebook and the requester (now friend) said they found me via my cover of “O Shot” by The Gay Blades. Let me explain. A while back I my friend Nicole Lipman of Hey Cole Presents! held a cancer benefit and each performer had to pick a song of another local artist to cover. I chose “O Shot”. Which if you don’t know The Gay Blades…you should. And if you do know them…you know how awesome they are. Below is a video of their original version:

And here is my version (thanks to my friend Tim for posting this):

The Gay Blades are a force to be reckoned with. I remember seeing them for the first time and couldn’t believe how powerful of a sound they had with just two people. Not to mention the fact the lead singer, Clark Westfield, jumped up on the bar…I was sold. Ever since then I’ve been inspired to kick things over and give people a show that is visually stimulating (pyrotechnics to come later on…haha!). I look up to these guys so much and I think it would be hilarious/awesome to play a show with them. Thanks for watching!

=O) Amanda


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