The Past Few Months: A Summary

So, as per usual, my blogging skills have lacked. Haha! I will now write a blog that will summarize what I’ve been up to.

I went on a much needed vacation to Key West for 10 days (luckily before the oil hit…and I’m so bummed about that that, ugh). Then the very moment I got back, I finished up audio engineering Anthony Fiumano’s upcoming acoustic EP. A few days later I was helping out Joanna Burns with recording for her future album.

I’ve upgraded my home studio with some nice equipment…so it looks like I’m on the road of recording some songs on my own without having to go into a studio. Which is crazy exciting to me.

My summer is going to consist of playing house concerts, recording my acoustic EP, and helping other talented artists record new songs. Sadly, it’s been over year since I’ve actually completed a song for myself (I’ve helped a few friends complete their songs…haha!). So, I am hoping that I can find the discipline to buckle down and finish all these pieces of songs I have. If you feel the need you can send me some encouragement! Haha!

Well, thanks so much reading. You are awesome. Talk to you soon? Good.

=O) Amanda


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