My Friend Anthony

Celebrating this beautiful day with my family has been wonderful! It all makes me realize what the important things are…meaning loving family and having passion for life. I’ve been very lucky this past year since the release of my EP “Love I Have for You”. Coming out with a legitimate record has changed my career and in turn my life.

My friend, Anthony Fiumano, is recording a “fan-funded” record this summer so he can change the course of his career. He is raising money on (a website that helps people raise money for projects). He is target goal is $5000…right now he is close to $4000. Which is great! But here is the catch…he only has 5 days left and if he doesn’t raise all the money…he DOESN’T get one penny of what is fundraised.

A few years ago, my performances/confidence was in the gutter. Anthony really inspired me to get out of my rut and my performances have developed into something special. So, if you are reading this blog…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click here, sign up, and donate $10 or more. You would be thank him for how far my performances have come…and be helping another musician make their dreams come true. Thank you!!!

=O) Amanda


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