Adventures from the road after I’m off the road

March was a crazy month for me…and no, not because of March Madness…I was a performing fool! I was in CT, PA, MA, ME…and of course THE NJ! There were lots of fun things that happened while I was on the road with Joanna Burns, but I am going to give you this short list…in no particular order.

1. I went to a water park when it was snowing…it was an indoor water park…hehe!
2. I  got to see some old friends in between gigs and it was wonderful.
3. I tried desperately to catch a glimpse of a moose while in Maine and was unsuccessful.
4. I played Rock Paper Scissors in a Starbucks in Cambridge while sitting next to an Organic Chemistry major from Harvard as she studied.
5. I played some slot machines…lost $15 then called it quits.
6. And saw a crazy man yelling for no reason…he drove a white van…that is how you know when someone is crazy…when they drive a white van and yell for no reason.

I have a few local shows this upcoming week Holmdel, NJ and Philly. Check my website for details. and then I’m off to Minnesota for a few days…that means THE MALL OF AMERICA AGAIN!!! Hooray! Well, that’s it for now…talk to you soon!

=O) Amanda

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