Winning Song Contests are Insanely Exhilarating

Hello my friends! For those of your who haven’t heard the exciting news….I won the OurStage Song Contest for the month of February with “Love I Have for You”. The grand prize was $5000!!! Just thinking about it makes me pee my pants! I’ve never won a big prize. We’ll maybe $50 at Bingo…but adding two extra 0s to the end of that number just seems unreal. I have the best fans, friends and family in the world. If I could prance and type at the same time it would be happening right now. Haha!

I’ve been having a really great time lately doing what I do. I won’t lie and say that it’s rainbows and butterflies all the time. It’s funny what people say “How can being a musician be hard work?” The truth of the matter is…that it IS hard work. Between the promoting, performing show, practice, traveling, writing songs, recording, making sure ends meet, etc. You get the picture.

I just want keep writing the best songs I can and share them with as many people as possible. And this past weekend, my song was heard by A LOT of people and I have my fans to thank for that. I am and will continue to be grateful.

=O) Amanda

p.s. If you see me wearing extra baggy pants just know that there is most likely 5000 singles stuffed in them. And this month I have a chance to win a mentoring session with the band Train. Click here to judge.

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