True Blue Fans

Hello there! How are you? Lately, I’ve been analyzing a lot of things about my music career. Maybe because it’s a new year…or maybe not. Either way, I have I’ve been thinking about who my “true blue fans” are. I don’t think non-musicians know how hard it is to gain REAL fans. In a world of “in order to play here you have to bring ___ amount of people”…the all mighty buck reigns supreme. It’s about money, not music. Sad, but true. I don’t let that get in my way, but it would be nice to think that I could play a venue because I’m talented enough…not because I can bring a ton of people who will put money in the bartender’s pocket.

All I can say is…thank god for the internet. But even this can be tricky. There are people that say they fans because they think I’m associated with someone “famous”. They think I am their ticket to getting closer to whoever that person is. So, really, they don’t even care about my music. Which is fine, my music isn’t for everyone, but don’t claim that you love my music when you probably can’t name any of my songs. Haha!

Then there are those people who I know believe in me and what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need anyone’s approval in order to believe in myself…but when someone has one of my lyrics up as their status…that really makes my day. I know that person enjoys my music and hopefully likes me as a person. Will they drive a long distance to see me perform? I can’t say. But what I do know is that I really care about my fans. I’m interested in what they do for fun and who they are as a person. I see a lot of artists who don’t care about their fans at all (other than having them be another body in the audience to make them look good). I would like to think that I’m the same person on and off stage. Who knows, maybe some people wouldn’t agree with that. I always want to be available to my fans (a.k.a friends). I never want that to change. I’m sure a ton of a other artists have said the same thing. I think the reason I won’t change is that I’ve meet other artists that look up to so much…and they are fake and insincere…it makes me realize how much I NEVER want to make someone feel that way about me.

So, yes, to conclude this rant…I want to thank my “true blue fans”. I know who you are…and I’m so eternally grateful.

=O) Amanda


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