The Secret Lives of Seahorses

You guys!!! I went to the Monterey Aquarium yesterday. It was uber cool! I saw all kinds of sea creatures. Like these jelly fish that look like they could sting you just by looking at you!
Jelly Fish

There were sea otters who I wanted to take home and be my friend…there were penguins…there were sharks…BUT I have to say the exhibit that took the cake was “The Secret Lives of Seahorses”…hehe.

I pretty much want a seahorse now after visiting this. I took this photo and I thought was the best photographer in the world for one second. Haha! It’s kind of hard to see…it’s two seahorses in the same pose. Once you see it you will realize how cool I am for getting a shot like this.

Later on that night I played at the East Village Coffee Lounge. It was AWESOME! People planted their butts in the seats and didn’t leave. I finished my set and new people came in during my last song…so I played a bunch of songs for a 2nd time and people still stayed. I want to give a shout out to my friend Sierra Dehmler for having me come out and play in Monterey. We got a chance to hang out before the show and she is really good-hearted person.

In conclusion, I love seahorses…I want one and the town of Monterey was beautiful and the people were wonderful.

=O) Amanda


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