There are certain days you come to realize how lucky you are. I tend to realize this often, because I am lucky to have such a wonderful family who have supported me in everything that I’ve wanted to do. Today I found out that a young girl from my town passed away this morning. She had been fighting cancer for a few years now. She had to drop out of college in order to get different treatments and then there were issues with her insurance causing her medical expenses to skyrocket. People in my community organized fundraising events multiple times a year in order to help with those expenses and I performed at many of them. Actually, my first full band show was at one of her benefits.

My point in writing this blog is that you should realized how lucky you are. Hug your parents, your family, and your good friends. Tell them you love them and how special they are to you on a consistent basis. I can’t imagine the grief that the family is experiencing right now. My mom said “Parents aren’t supposed to bury their children. It should be the other way around.” She and I shed some tears this morning and reflected about our lives for a while. My father is a cancer survivor and I am lucky to have him around to say “Happy Fathers Day”. Not everyone has that.

You never know. That is something that always holds true in life. You never know what can happen on a day to day basis. So, be good to people along the way and be good to yourself. Thanks for reading this.



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