Some people wear too much perfume

Tonight I went out on the town and saw lots of people I knew and apparently I hugged someone who was wearing way too much perfume because I smell like it now. And if it smells this strong on me…imagine what is smells like on her. Wowie!

Good news is that I had the most fantastic pistachio gelato tonight. I LOVE pistachio gelato. It’s what a normally get when I get gelato, but this new little shop in Asbury Park had some bangin’ pistachio gelato. GELATO! Ok, I got that out of my system. What? It’s a fun word to say.

This blog is a short one because my bed is screaming at me like a bad kid in a super market saying “get in bed now!” I hope your Friday was as good as mine!

=O) Amanda

2 Responses to “Some people wear too much perfume”

  1. kerri Says:

    are you talking about Il Pavone?! their gelato is amazinggg.

  2. Perfumes Says:

    thanks for great information, just bookmark and waiting your next posting 😉

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