My Birthday Bike

A few of my friends go bike riding down the Henry Hudson Trail fairly often. They have been begging me to join them on their joy rides and I would always say “I don’t have a bike”. Well, all that changed a few weeks ago on my birthday when my friend took it upon herself to go on craigslist and find me a used bike!!! It’s a Huffy and it’s all mine! I was given cupcakes the same day and I figured since I at 17 cupcakes in a week I should probably put my bike to use. I bought a new seat…a GEL seat. I figured if people go gel’n for their feet…I should do the same for my butt. The past few days I’ve been taking the bike out here and there to “warm up”. Today I jumped in with two feet by riding the Henry Hudson Trail for 20 miles! It was awesome! The weather was perfect, I was in good company, I said hello to everyone along the trail, and we even stopped for some bananas…it doesn’t get much better than that. Haha!

Right now my butt hurts so much! I need one of those special donut pillows that you sit on. I don’t think I will be riding the trail tomorrow, but I think I will attempt it again in a few days. If my butt had a face it would be giving me mean looks just for thinking about sitting on my bike seat.

I’m sure I am going to sleep like a baby tonight. I’m excited to move and exercise for once in the past 15 years. Haha! Thanks for reading. You rule.

=O) Amanda


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