Good Lordy, I’m the worst blogger ever

So, here I am finally writing a blog since forever ago. It’s embarassing. I’ve been telling myself…I’ll write a blog tomorrow and then it never happens. Ok, enough of my self-loathing and on with my charming-ness.

I had my EP Release Party and boy-o-boy was it somethin’ else. You know when you have something planned and you envision it in your head for months and months…and then when the event comes to pass and it seems like a dream because it went so amazingly well? That is pretty much how well it went. We (meaning the fire fighters) moved the trucks out of the garage. I had a stage built specifically for the event and put it in that garage. There was food (wings, wraps & my mom’s homemade cookies). The Rock n’ Roll Chorus opened up and Zach Sang of WZAP hosted. Over 250 people showed up to the event! It was crazy, but a great amazing surreal kinda crazy!

I have all this cool merch now. Shirts, buttons, pens, stickers….and last but not least CDs! Hooray! I am planning on setting up my online store in the next week or so. Sit tight until then OR come to a show in the meantime and see how much cooler I am. My coolness factor is really amped up. No joke! Haha!

I need to get in the mode of blogging everyday. Send me virtual kicks in the butt by telling me to blog more. Word.

=O) Amanda


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