My EP Release Party – May 30th

Hello, yes, I know I'm the coolest EP Release poster ever!

Hello, yes, I know I'm the coolest EP Release poster ever!

Oh my poor blog…yet again I have neglected you. Well, moving on. I am finally going to release my  6 song EP (which stands for Extended Play. Meaning there are more songs than a demo and there are less song then a full album). Here are the specs (or as much as I know right now):

Date: Saturday, May 30, 2009
Time: Doors open at 6:00pm and music starts at 7:00pm
Where: Hazlet Firehouse (570 Holmdel Rd, Hazlet, NJ 07730)
Tickets: $10 – You can purchase tickets online on my site
Details: The Rock N’ Roll Chorus will be opening the night with insanely amazing acapella arrangements and Hosted by WZAP’s Zach Sang

You may be asking…”Why a firehouse…that could be lame.” First of all, how could you? Hehe! Just kidding. This is going to be an awesome event. We are opening up the garage doors, taking the trucks out, putting in a stage and will proceed to rock everyone’s faces off. The environment is going to be awesome and I genuinely feel that this is going to be an event that you won’t want to miss.

So, if you’ve been wanting to come see me perform and have put it off til now…come see me on May 30th, will ya!?!  This is kind of big like a wedding or a baby shower…only I’m getting married to music and I’m birthing my CD. If you need to travel and stay over night in a hotel admission is FREE. I’m breaking out new songs and just wait til you hear the covers!

And to those of you who have been checking to see if I have written a new blog…my most sincere apologies. Tonight was the first night I had a chance to take a few breaths. Until next time (which will be sooner than later)…have a blast with whatever you have going on. Later!

=O) Amanda


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One Response to “My EP Release Party – May 30th”

  1. Roland Hulme Says:

    Ha! That cartoon was hilarious! Good luck with your CD launch! I wish you firemen out of the wazoo.

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