Stupid Foam Soap

Ok, I have had no time to blog…so I apologize to those of your who have been checking to see if there is new one up. This will be a shortie…but I have plenty of material to write about. BUT for now I will write about how I DO NOT like foam soap. I feel that I am not getting my hands as clean as they could possibly could be. Does anyone else feel the same? Yes, foam can be fun…it may feel good, but as humans how lazy can we be? Supposedly, it’s supposed to “save” soap. Lame!!! Give me liquid soap…I want to work for my lather and kill 99.9% of all germs. Thank you.


Hi, I'm foam soap and I'm freakin stupid.

Hi, I'm foam soap and I'm freakin stupid.

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3 Responses to “Stupid Foam Soap”

  1. Tony C Says:

    Man, I didn’t even know there WAS foam soap. How unhip am I?

    Anyway, what I think you really need to do is get yourself into the focus groups the soap companies convene when they come up with stuff like this. This way, you can prevent them from making these obviously tragic mistakes that only lead to embarrassment for the cleansing industry at large.

    I’d call Procter & Gamble right now and offer your services if I were you, because this is madness, I tell you. Madness!

  2. Kevin Says:

    Foam soap actually has many benefits. For one, people typically use too much soap when they wash their hands. Foam soap applies almost the exact recommended amount needed to kill that 99.9% of germs. Reducing the waste of soap is a good thing and hardly what I’d call “lame”. Also, foam soap is less likely to spill all over the place, which helps to reduce frequency of cleanups. Finally, foam soap is thinner than regular liquid soap, making it clog up the dispenser far less often. While this isn’t all that big a deal when in the home, in industrial situations this can reduce maintenance costs quite a deal. For those reasons most organizations are switching to foam soap… well, that and MOST people think it feels much nicer and like spending as little time washing their hands as possible.

  3. John Faber Says:

    It rinses off better. Personally, I like it.

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