The Biscuit Lady

Oh man…I’m so excited! On February 12th, I’m embarking on a road trip to Nashville with a few friends of mine for the National NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) Convention. I love country music (even though I don’t get to listen to it as much as I used to) and have always wanted to visit the biggest music town in the country and get my twang on!

Another reason I’m excited is that I want good ol’ southern fried chicken. I JUST LOVE IT! It really should have it’s own blog…but let me finish what I started.

Ahhhh....Amanda Duncan is gonna eat me!

Ahhhh....Amanda Duncan is gonna eat me!

So, of course, I was looking up places in Nashville that serve amazing fried chicken. I came across some interesting things. Below is a video about The Loveless Cafe. It is this video that I discovered my new (to-be) best friend Carol Fay a.k.a. The Biscuit Lady. I am going to write Carol her own song and make her a gift and give it to her upon my arrival. Trust me…after you watch the video you will want to do the same. I’ll let you know how the song comes out.

=O) Amanda


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