April Smith is Not Human (In a good way)

Right now I’m having a bowl of Autumn Wheat (Kashi) with some Silk and fresh strawberries…mmmm…and I thought this would a good time to blog. The other night I saw my friend, April Smith, play in Asbury Park. I’ve been friends with April for about 4 years now and I’ve seen her perform acoustic and with a full band many times….and it’s official; she isn’t human. I mean this in a good way because not once have I seen a flawed performance. It’s insane! I don’t know anyone personally with such a powerful voice to sing every note live the way it was intended. April Smith, you crazy crazy girl…you rock my world and melt my face off my tiny skull.

Watch this video of April’s new song “Terrible Things” inspired by the show Dexter:

=O) Amanda


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One Response to “April Smith is Not Human (In a good way)”

  1. Joe Says:

    I think you have the wrong April Smith myspace link. : )

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