Cardinals on Christmas

Hey everyone…I hope you got more than just coal for Christmas. And as far as those individuals who celebrate Hanukkah…I’m not sure what naughty Jewish kids get…but hopefully you received something more than just that. And Kwanza…ok…you get the drift. Hehe.

I think Christmas, at least for me, is a time to realize how lucky we are. I remember back to the Christmases when I would spend Christmas Eve with my father’s side and then Christmas morning with my Mom’s side. When I was in about 5th grade my father’s father passed away in his early 50s. He was such a good man. He was handsome, had a heart of gold and his sense of humor was as good as they come. When he died a lot things changed…especially how the holidays were celebrated. He always said that if he were ever to come back he would come back as a cardinal. This year, as soon as the trees went bare there have been about 5 cardinals that have been partying in this one bush in my backyard. So, I could only imagine that he is out there watching over us and making sure we all tell our best jokes this holiday season.

This Christmas I didn’t have a lot to give my family. I know that it isn’t what matters, but I still want to be able to give as much as I possibly can. I’ve sacrificed a lot for my music (although I might not have much to show for it as of the moment). My family has been very supportive every step of the way. Hopefully, the pay back will be my success in some way, shape, or form.

I hope that this blog finds you feeling lucky for what you have you. Have a blast with all your plans. Later!



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One Response to “Cardinals on Christmas”

  1. kerri Says:

    that’s a sweet story about the cardinals. my aunt recently told me something similar. growing up, my cousin always wanted a bird. he was really close with my dad, and once we all went to petco and almost bought him one without my aunt’s permission. my dad passed away a few years ago and a few months ago my aunt opened the front door to find a little parakeet sitting on her welcome mat. it was the kind you buy in a pet store. so she took it in and put it in a cage, intending to give it away, but never did. the bird can talk! only every so many parakeets are talkers. my aunt likes to say that my dad sent the bird for my cousin to spite her!
    i enjoy reading your blog, you always make me laugh!

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