Ode to High School

Ahhh…high school. You know, if you said to me “I’ll give you a million dollars if you would go through high school all over again.” I would say “No thanks Moneybags McGee!” High school was ok, but not the best. I know people would go back to high school in a minute. Me? I’m more of a “in the now” kinda gal.

During high school, I was always danced to my own beat (probably something that was similar to a samba). I didn’t drink or party and I never really had a social group that I was a part of. I was a drifter (not the kind that wore a beat up leather jacket and leaned against trees to look cool). Haha! After graduating I would randomly see people from school who I would try to say hi to and they would basically ignore me like they did back in high school. I never understood that. I mean just say “Hi”…it’s not that hard. And still to this day there people who have never changed and STILL ignore me. Maybe I’m just too friendly or maybe I was raised with good manners. Who knows? I’m not expecting to go out for a cup of coffee and be BFF.

Anyway! Tonight I met up with an old friend of mine from high school and it was so nice. We met up for some late night appetizers. Her fiance came along who I had actually met years ago (probably about 14 years ago…hehe). But they weren’t dating back then….but obviously they were reunited and well, I digress. It was awesome to talk about people we’ve been in touch with and how many people are married and having kids now.

You know those kind of friends that you don’t talk to forever, but then you finally get to chat with them and it’s like nothing has ever changed? That is what tonight was like. I could be myself and joke around…it was just all around awesome.

If you are someone who doesn’t say hi to someone you know “just because you don’t feel like it”…stop it! Saying hi isn’t going to kill you. You never know…it might make that person’s day. I think a lot of times we try to justify why we shouldn’t say hello to someone…”Oh…they were such a dork in high school” or “They were so stuck up” or “I don’t want to bother with anyone from my past”…stop it! There are plenty of people I see around town who I say hi to who will never give me the time of day, but I still make a small effort anyway because it takes more of an effort to try to dodge someone. Plus, it doesn’t make you a better person.

So, now that I’m finished trying to inspire you to say hello to people you know (obviously excluding the people who are creepy stalkers)…I will leave you with this video from the infamous Zack Attack. Be good!

=O) Amanda


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