Stupid Name Twin

I know I’ve written about this in other blogs, but I need to vent. There are soooo many Amanda Duncan’s out there. Actually, most of them are friends of mine on Facebook. BUT there is one Amanda Duncan in particular who I wish would quit her line of work. Here is a clue as to what she does…she has bunny ears, wears shear clothing or sometimes none at all. Ok, she is a playboy bunny. At first, I thought it was funny when people would google my name and the search would provide the public links to nipples instead of my music. Now, even on youtube “Nipple Girl” is number one.

I know by writing this everyone is going to search for the OTHER Amanda Duncan which will make my case worse and make her nipples even more popular than my music. If you want to help me in my cause search my name and click on links that don’t have to do with “Nipple Girl”. There are plenty of other nipples on the internet that you can look at. Choose me and my covered up nipples for the love a god!

=O/ Amanda


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One Response to “Stupid Name Twin”

  1. Roland Hulme Says:

    Now I’m conflicted… I don’t want to add to her googleness by looking for her… But you’ve got my curiosity so wound up, I feel like I have to…

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