NACA Hooplas & Asbury Music Awards

This weekend I went to Hartford, CT for the Northeast NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) Conference. This is basically a conference where groups of students from colleges in the region attend in order to get ideas of what kind of entertainment to book at their schools. Random acts get to showcase…everything from acoustic acts, to jugglers, to comedians…to crazy beatboxers who end every song they do with a huge explosion sound. Haha! Then there is the markplace (or CAMP as they called it). This is where a million and one exhibitors try to get the students interested in what they do. So, needless to say there was a lot of competition. At the Hey Cole! Presents booth, it was me, Nicole Lipman, and Joanna Burns trying to swoon people via our flashy smiles and fantastic personality ploys to listen to the artists under the Hey Cole roster. I think we did alright for our first time around….and there are definitely bookings that will come out it. 

I had to leave the NACA Conference early in order to play the Asbury Park Music Awards. I felt the night included a lot of great acts. And I have to say that I met some really great people that I’ve never seen around these parts. I’m really not one for competition when it comes to something being judged in the arts. It’s very subjective to what style of music people like as well as very political. I’m only at 30% of where I want to be as a musician and performer…and considering that, I feel like I’ve done some pretty cool stuff.

I would like to say that there was one act that has and continues to inspire me every time I see him: Anthony Fiumano (and the Medicine Chest). Every time I see Anthony he puts his guts into his performances. Whether it’s acoustic or full band…I just find myself looking up to him more and more. For a while, I was having issues singing during my life performances. And after seeing Anthony a few times during that time period…I realized that I had to put my guts into what I was doing. So what you see now is a result of him (indirectly) helping me realize that. So, thanks Anthony! 

Alright…enough out of me. Later!



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