My Feet are Cold…

So, yes…it’s getting colder here in New Jersey. If you have listened to my music at all you’ll know that it tends to be “sunny and happy”. I love the summer and I love being happy…makes sense that my music reflects that. BUT if I wrote about things I disliked, you best be believin’ the winter would be one of the main subjects. To all of you who love the winter, it’s ok, we can still be friends. Another subject of dislike would be goat cheese. Good lord people…I can’t stand it! And if you like both the winter and goat cheese…you are walking a thin line right now…we’ll get counseling. 

Regardless of the cold, this week has been very productive for me. I finally got back in the studio. All the little odds and ends are being recorded and the vision of the EP is becoming a reality. My voice (due to allergies) is still not up to par. When will the nasal go away? Probably when it snows! Haha! Today, Joanna Burns helped me write a bridge to a new song of mine. This song is severely cute. When you listen to it for the first time you might have to wear your cuteness protection suit. 

Until next time…stay warm and for goodness sake don’t eat any cheeses that might offend your taste buds.

=O) Amanda


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