Paul Deen is the Light of My Freakin’ Life!

Today was just amazing! My mom and I headed in the city to meet Paula Deen (yes, the butter lovin’ Paula from Food Network). Paula came out with a new book “My First Cook Book” for kids. And let’s face it…mentally I’m 5 years old anyway…so I HAD to go!

The day was just perfect. We had a nice walk, headed to Borders to buy the book ahead of time, then ate outside at nice cafe and headed straight back to Borders to get a good seat. We arrived an hour before the event and were the first to get seats (woot). The room was a bit empty and my mom kept saying “I hope more people come…I’d hate for Paula to come all the way to New York and not have a big audience.” Well, sure enough, the room started filling up until it was standing room only. 

Everyone was waiting with anticipation and all you hear from afar is “Hey y’all…how y’all doin’?” and instantly everyone had a smile on their face. This woman is amazing! So full of life and just a genuine person. Her husband, Michael, was with her and for about an hour there was a q&a. Their banter had the audience bustin’ their guts the whole time. My mom and I were giggling like little girls. 

At one point a girl raised her hand and said “My sister (who was sitting next to her) is such a big fan of yours that my mom flew all of us in from California to meet you.” Paula was so flattered and had the girl come up on the stage…the girl was crying…Paula said “Don’t cry.” Haha! It was too cute. That’s freakin’ across the country dedication!

Then it came time for the booking signing…eeeek! We were right up front..although the kids got to go first…pah! My mom got her book signed and I was unable to get a photo with her and Paula cause the Borders Nazi was pushing me along. I had a card and some Amand Duncan pens for Paula…and while she was checking out my pens my mom sneaked in a photo with both I and Paula (thanks mom!). Paula asked what instruments I played and I responded “Guitar and mandolin. I actually put my CD in the card.” Imagine in a southern accent “Oh great…I can’t wait to listen to it!” ::pee my pants::

So, maybe Paula will listen to my CD…who knows? After we left Borders we caught a cab to the train station and my mom I called all our friends and family to tell them about the whole thing. AND to end a perfect day, a train home was waiting for us…perfect timing. We were glowing the whole way home and I would imagine that glow will be hanging around tomorrow as well. It’s just nice to know that when you meet one of your idols that they are just as you hope they’d be…and she was just a doll. Here’s to you Paula…”from my kitchen to yours!”

=O) Amanda


Paula is reading what MY pen says!

Paula is reading what MY pen says!


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One Response to “Paul Deen is the Light of My Freakin’ Life!”

  1. analogmoon Says:

    OMG that is so kewl! I know I will feel the exact same way this Friday when I FINALLY get to see MY IDOL Dar Williams up close and personal at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis! Whoa. I can’t even imagine handing her my cd — which would be difficult ’cause I haven’t completed it yet — but whoa! Yeah, there would be yer pee-in-pants moment, yup yup 🙂

    Love your stuff and gonna go back and listen to some more of your music on MySpace (I’m your friend there, Moon). Don’t even bother listening to my stuff, seriously, as what is posted there is crummy – not the songs, per se, but the recordings stink (recorded on a homely digital mike in my bedroom…yeah, nice), and they were done several years ago when I was just starting out.

    Looking forward to reading your stuff. Do you have RSS or some other blog feed? I don’t see it.

    Rock on girl!

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