Hooray for WordPress!

I’m very excited to finally have a blog. You have no idea how many times a day I feel say to myself “Oh man…I need to write blog about this!” So here I am attempting to be one of the coolest bloggers you know. And if I can’t fulfill that…I am still really cool on my own. 

I am currently working on a 6 song EP. Unfortunately, I’ve had horrible allergies for the past 2 months! This has put off the project a bit, but things are finally starting back up this week. Joanna Burns‘ and myself have been working out the harmonies to make sure everything is just right. 

This blog isn’t that funny…sorry…no really I am. The next entry will be mind-blowingly hilarious. Until then, I’ll just call myself ‘Future Funny Gal’. Later!!!

=O) Amanda


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